Sick of checking out a YouTube video only to find that it uses the computer generated CRAPtions and not properly human-edited captions? Wish more YouTubers would properly human-edit their captions, or get someone else to do it for them, and not just trust that the automated YouTube CRaptions will turn out alright? Then join the #NoMoreCRaptions campaign being launched this September 25th by YouTuber and blogger Rikki Poynter. Read her guidance below on how you can help.

If you don’t do YouTube, then Rikki has said that she also will welcome people writing blog posts or Tumblr. If you don’t do that either, then consider using your other social media to bring the attention of your friends and your favorite YouTubers to this event.

If you are personally a YouTuber who isn’t sure how to caption your videos (or get it done by others), check out this resource: http://captionedwebtv.blogspot.com/p/producer-information.html


Return of the Dissies

Disability Remix Blog

We here at the Paul K. Longmore Institute are dedicated to reshaping the way that people view disability. Since mainstream media is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to perpetuating outdated ideas and stereotypes, we’re happy to cohost Superfest International Disability Film Festival each fall with Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco.

Thanks to the great entries we get every year, we know other, better ideas about disability and disabled people are out there. We know that we don’t have to settle for the typical fare of nondisabled actors getting Oscars for playing disabled people in ways that promote pity and helplessness.  We know that disability isn’t just about Kleenex boxes and suicide.

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Ableism on the Left

Paginated Thoughts

Here’s some things that highlight for you that ableism is not just a right-wing issue:

My friend got called the r-slur for being an ally to the mental health community and penning an opinion piece on “Stop calling Trump crazy.” The sad and terrible irony is so great I don’t know where to start. Perry noted that people attacked him “who, in theory, are on my side in many issues.” Theoretically, people on the left and people who call themselves progressive Democrats are against ableism and bigotry. Bernie Sanders said Republicans were the reason we needed mental health care as a “joke” in one of the Democratic debates. The audience laughed. But wrong does not mean crazy.

Salman Rushdie, who supported President Obama’s election and has criticized Republicans before, stated the following in an August 12 Tweet: “No, I’m backing the non-insane candidate. And Flann O’Brien would be…

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Trump and the Language of Mental Health around his Bigotry

Paginated Thoughts

A conversation that I wasn’t entirely enamored with occurred on Twitter recently regarding Donald Trump and mental health. This was between writers, journalists, and people with mental health needs (or people who fell into more than one of those categories) who agreed that Trump “doesn’t have the temperament to be President.” They disagreed about “whether [they] needed to frame temperament-issues in terms of mental health.” David Perry wrote about this – whether it was advisable to frame Trump’s behavior through a mental health framework. He presented varying arguments from multiple sides of the discussion. Some of the arguments included, several in response to each other:

  • argument 1: not talking about Trump’s mental health would increase stigma via silence on mental health
  • argument 2: “if he were dxed would… agree with you,” and that it was the armchair diagnosis speculation and use of “insane” as insulting that bothered them.
  • argument 3: temperament isn’t the result…

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How the Japan massacre relates to infanticide, abortion, and assisted suicide (and why the world’s been silent about it)


n-suspect-b-20160728-870x607 A mourner brings flowers on Wednesday to the care home where disabled residents were massacred a day earlier in Sagamihara, Kangawa Prefecture. | REUTERS

[Description: there is a grey wall with writing on it in Japanese in a lighter grey. Against the wall is a table covered in a white tablecloth. On the table are several bunches of flowers. An individual in front of the table dressed in black, with shortish black hair, and carrying a black shoulder bag holds a bunch of flowers, which one presumes they are about to place on the table]

On the 25th of July this year, 19 people were murdered in Sagamihara, Japan, in their worst mass murder since World War II. In Britain, it’s clear that the murders of white people (Paris, Nice, Belgium, Orlando, Munich…) by Muslim terrorists are more important than the murders of BME people (Kabul, Anbar, Baghdad, Istanbul, Manbij…)…

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On the Medicalization of Donald Trump


There has been quite a bit of discussion around whether it is appropriate to speculate about whether Donald Trump has a mental illness. The rhetoric and armchair diagnosis of Trump is already happening and it’s important to look at the arguments for why people are doing that and perhaps more importantly whether people should.

I am basing this post on an expansion of a comment I posted on David Perry‘s blog post on whether it is appropriate to speculate on Trump’s mental health.

Full disclosure. I am a Canadian and while my life may be impacted by a Trump presidency. I am unlikely to be directly impacted by any of the racist or harmful policies he’s suggested. He is after all only proposing to build a wall along the Mexico border.

Ultimately, though I am looking at the ethics and possible repercussions of pathologizing Donald Trump in terms of…

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Things you should Never Say to a Deaf Person

Deaf Life for a Hearing Mind

Deaf people get told a lot* of dumb things by hearing people. I mean a LOT. Almost every day we are having to deal with hearing people overstepping their boundaries and us having to pull that chain on our anger just a little bit tighter as to not punch someone out (which some days are harder then others.)

A while back a Deaf Youtuber by the name of Rikki Poynter did a video called “Sh*t Hearing People Say.” And while it was a good quick video there’s still quite a bit that I’ve run across since then that I feel like you should…just not say…ever….

So…alas…here is my list of things that should  just never exit your mouth in relation to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people ever. Some of it you may find funny or humorous and others will just leave you shaking your head. Everything in this list…

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