Supporting US Ratification of the #CRPD Disability Treaty!

CRPD_StickerIf you care about social justice, equality, and human rights for all people … if you are an American with a disability, or an American veteran, or someone who loves a person who is … then please take action in the campaign for US ratification of the disability treaty.  Ask your US senators to vote YES to ratify the CRPD Disability Treaty in 2013.

This may sound like something that shouldn’t need your help.  Because, who would be against people with disabilities? But we lost our first attempt to get the CRPD ratified in the US in December 2012 due to a campaign of mis-information from opponents. We cannot allow this to happen again. The disability, veterans, faith, and social justice communities are trying again in 2013.  More than 500 organizations across the US are working hard on this.  But we need your help in talking with your senators to make it happen.

The slide show below gives a brief overview of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD, also known as the “disability treaty”).  It covers:

  • What the CRPD is,
  • Why it matters to people with disabilities around the world,
  • Why US ratification is important even though we already have the Americans with Disabilities Act, and
  • Simple actions that people can take to help.

Also visit a great website with extensive materials on the CRPD disability treaty, the campaign for US ratification, and resources for advocates at

If you have 48 minutes to spare, watch this great new webinar video on the CRPD and the history of the campaign for US ratification at Yes, it has captions for deaf and hard of hearing people (and others who need them).

Lead Disability OrgsRebecca Berman AAPD's CRPD Yes! Pix Dec 3

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