Marathon Battle for US Ratification of CRPD May Have End in Sight

CRPD_Sticker and link to www.disabilitytreaty.orgThe long marathon battle for US ratification of the Disability Treaty may have its end in sight. WE NEED YOUR HELP in taking action.  Read this message for the latest news. To take action, visit and Call and email Senators. It’s okay to contact Senators multiple times about the same issue. In fact, please do! It helps tell Senators that this issue matters deeply to the disability, US veterans, faith, business, and human rights communities. For more ways to take action, visit

For those of you that don’t receive USiCD’s email. The following was sent ”

WE NEED YOUR HELP!   The Marathon is almost over: the end is in sight!  Now is the time for our voices be heard!

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Menendez has scheduled the first of two hearings on the CRPD on Nov 5th!

Today, we have launched a new citizen action center to make it easier than ever for you to reach your Senator with the calls, letters, e-mails, petitions and social media we need:

You can also click the “We Support CRPD” icon above! We urge you to copy the icon and share it everywhere! Post it on your website, Facebook, and Twitter, with its link to the treaty website, so that others can take action! We must build our movement now or we will not succeed.

Senator Menendez and the Committee’s Ranking Republican Senator Bob Corker need to hear from everyone; they are logging all call and contacts made state by state. Your help spreading the word will determine if and when we get floor time for passage of this treaty! It is time for action NOW!

Let them hear you now so that when Medicaid, Education and other issues come to the Hill, they will once again know the power of the disability movement!


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