Not Your Mother’s Wheelchair Etiquette



We’ve been taught a lot of things about wheelchair etiquette. Don’t stare, be nice, etc, but not all of these things are currently correct. What we’ve been taught is about politeness. It’s handed down to us from previous generations; however, I have some new rules.


1. Think Before You Ask

I get it. You saw me walking to the bus stop yesterday and now I’m in a wheelchair and you want to know why. It’s a natural thing to be curious about disability, especially when it exists outside of the stereotypical ‘100 percent disabled or not disabled at all’ frame of mind that we think of disability in. But here’s the thing- you’re not the only person today to ask about my disability. I can also detect that tone in your voice, that one you think I don’t hear and that’s why you’re asking. I can hear you…

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