U.S. Youth/Student Teleconference Call on International Disability Rights

Dear Disability Rights Supporters:

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up this summer. What’s also heating up is the U.S. campaign for the “Disability Treaty”—an important international treaty upholding the civil rights of 1 billion people with disabilities around the world. We need youth, students, and other people like YOU to help! You might have missed the April 23rd teleconference call, but please don’t miss the next call on June 3rd led by Coalition leaders DREDF and USICD.

So far, 146 other countries have ratified the “Disability Treaty”, called the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). But the U.S. has not. And because many countries consider U.S. behavior as precedent for their own, that’s slowing down advances for disability rights around the world. People opposed to international treaties defeated us on our first try to ratify the CRPD in 2012. Please don’t let them win again. YOUR energy and passion could make the difference. We need you NOW to pass the CRPD in 2014!

Learn more about the “Disability Treaty” by visiting http://disabilitytreaty.org or by downloading a simple handout at http://bit.ly/CRPD1Pager.

Want to join our next national teleconference call for youth and student CRPD supporters? This will be on June 3rd at 4pm EST (3pm Central Time, 1pm Pacific Time). CART will be available. Contact Andrea Shettle (ashettle@usicd.org) to learn how to join the call or to request a document that reviews some of the history of the CRPD and ideas for ways to help.

Please circulate this notice to relevant contacts.

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