Here Be Prose

Posted for Blogging Against Disablism Day 2014

Sitting back on his heels, Daniel surveyed the hole he’d just dug. Yes, that would be deep enough, he decided. He removed his gardening gloves so as not to get the contents of the box dirty as he looked at them one last time.
When he came to the photo of Sammy, he paused. How was she now? Was she happy and being cared for like they had promised? He doubted it. He should never have trusted them, he should have protected her, taken her somewhere safe like the other families with ‘special’ relatives had done. Though he knew now that would have been no use.
Though older in years, Sammy had always been his little sister, looking up to him as the clever older brother. He was one of the few who still accepted people like Sammy. The ‘mentally backward’ as they…

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