Calling for Coordinated Care

The Professional Patient

Each day, I swallow almost as much medicine as I do food. Right now, I’m on ten different types of pills. Each pill has to be taken at certain times each day, with different numbers of pills each time, with food, without food… It’s maddeningly complicated, and time-consuming! At any given point in time, I can remember a maximum of seven of the pill names off the top of my head. This is hard because I’m seen for a medical appointment at least three times a week, and at every visit my medication list gets updated; I’m expected to remember every single medication I’m on, every single time. When I’m lucky, my partner is present, and it blows my mind every time he rattles off each tongue-twisting medication name I’ve forgotten, along with the dosage and frequency I take it. Other times, I bring along a typed-up list or my…

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