REMINDER: Rally for the Disability Treaty July 29th and Call Your Senators!

Text inside circle says "We Support CRPD", text around circle says also on rim of circle are icons for sign interpreter, wheelchair, audio loop, and blind person with caneWe need you for our final push to ratify the Disability Treaty!

Tell the Senate the Time for Excuses is Over!

PLEASE Call your Senators!  And join us at a Rally for the CRPD to let the Senate know we want this brought up for a floor vote NOW! 

July 29th, 2014 at Noon
(We will gather at the NCIL rally and move to a location TBD so please join us on time!)

3rd Street NW between Pennsylvania Ave NW and Maryland Ave SW
We will be gathering at the NCIL rally, which will be in area 15 on this map:
The nearest three Metro Stations are Judiciary Square (red line), Federal Center (blue and orange lines), and Archives (yellow and green lines)

If you’re not located in DC, you can take part by visiting your Senators’ in-state offices and expressing your support for the CRPD!

Encourage your DC-area contacts to attend the Rally! If you’re in Facebook, use the “Invite Friends” feature at red text, it says Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

New to the Disability Treaty? Quick overview at


Your Senators need to hear from you again that you support the CRPD! Show that the community is behind this treaty and that we want the process to KEEP MOVING FORWARD to a Floor vote!

Additionally, Senator Reid also needs to hear from us, and that we want a floor vote NOW!

Visit our citizen action portal to call your Senators!  They need to hear from our movement now or we will not succeed.

SIT student from Ghana CRPDEvery call counts–even if you’ve already called a hundred times before.  Don’t let people opposed to international cooperation outnumber us in phone calls like they did in December 2012.  We need to be louder than they are.  Tired of calling your own Senators?  Consider calling some Senators who really need to hear from CRPD advocates:

If you can come to the rally in person tomorrow–great! I’ll see you there!  We need a large crowd to make a good impression on Senators.   If you simply cannot come in person, you can still watch it via live video streaming on the web at!

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