Extreme measures, and then some.

Worth following the link to read the whole thing–it’s depressing to realize how commonplace these issues are, but also important to know because we NEED to know what’s happening in order to fight against these human rights abuses. Yes, the original post is dated 2006, but unfortunately all of these things are very much still happening in 2014.


an institution, looking somewhat like a low-rise office buildingMike Stanton has written a blog entry about the latest atrocities at the Judge Rotenberg Center.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering, how do we stop things like this in general, not just at the JRC? (None of the pictures on this page, if you are wondering, are of the JRC or any other institution that is named on this page.)

The things that happen at the Judge Rotenberg Center are medieval, to put it mildly. But one thing they are not is unique. The torture of disabled children and adults is commonplace. Judge Rotenberg Center is a place that flaunts what it does, which is why it receives so much publicity. Not everywhere writes it down, not everywhere tries to justify it, lots of places just do things like this.

an institution, looking somewhat like a prison

Things I have, personally, either experienced or been direct witness to, in places that showed no outward sign (to people…

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