Disabled Activists Demand Ratification of Disability Treaty #CRPD!

Feel the energy of these advocates asking the U.S. Senate to ratify the CRPD “Disability Treaty”! Six minutes with captions:

You can take action to support the CRPD at http://disabilitytreaty.org.  The Action Center there can guide you through phone calls to your Senators with phone numbers and a suggested script.  (Although phone calls are best, the Action Center can also help with emails.)

Want to learn more about the CRPD? Start with these basic handouts: http://bit.ly/CRPD1Pager and http://bit.ly/CRPDmyths.

Want to know what the CRPD says? Read the full text for yourself.  Or, if you prefer, you can just read a brief summary at http://bit.ly/CRPDoverview.

Finished calling the two Senators for your state?  Or, live in disenfranchised DC?  Consider calling a few more Senators!

Yes, each phone call is counted even if you have called on the same issue many times before.  Winning CRPD ratification is partly a game of numbers: we lost at our first attempt at U.S. ratification in December 2012 because people believing in conspiracy theories about the UN flooded Senators with more phone calls than CRPD supporters.  Please don’t let this happen again.  We need to boost the number of our calls to Senators in order to win.  One easy way to do this is to either call more Senators, including Senators from other states, or else call Senators multiple times, or both.

Consider more ways to take action at http://bit.ly/ActionCRPD.

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