“Okay we have to have a talk…” by aiffe

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Okay we have to have a talk about Jupiter Ascending being a “13-year-old girl’s fantasy.” (This is something I’ve heard repeated so many times, on so many posts, it’s just becoming one of those things people copy off each other without thinking about it.)

Lana Wachowski, co-writer and co-director of Jupiter Ascending, does indeed bring the female gaze, but she is not 13. She is 49.

I see a lot of, “Jupiter Ascending is like every 13-year-old girl’s epic ideas! Don’t hate on it, 13-year-old girls are awesome!” 13-year-old girls ARE awesome. But a 13-year-old girl did not have a hand in writing Jupiter Ascending. A 49-year-old woman did. And you know what, 49-year-old women are pretty awesome too.

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