Student fights for Indigenous perspective in college history class

The Lakota Law Project Report

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If the Native communities in the United States are to truly heal from the grievous injustices that have been perpetrated against them for four centuries and counting, a true reckoning of the genocide that took place on this continent is imperative.

However, recent events demonstrate this vision is not yet a reality.

Last week, a Cal State Sacramento sophomore of Navajo descent, Chiitaanibah Johnson, was shocked to hear one of her professors trivialize the atrocities committed against indigenous people by suggesting that genocide was too strong of a word to describe the actions of colonists.

Professor of U.S History, Maury Wiseman, preached that native groups were already violent towards each other before the arrival of Europeans, and that it was the introduction of foreign diseases that decimated the Native populations, rather than specific harmful intentions from settlers.

Johnson felt that this position did not fully reflect the truth of what…

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