You should tell your kids that they’re autistic.

Chavisory's Notebook

How hard it is to say what it was like
in the thick of thickets in a wood so dense and gnarled
the very thought of it renews my panic.
It is bitter almost as death itself is bitter.
But to rehearse the good it also brought me,
I will speak about the other things I saw there.  (Dante’s Inferno)

I’ve seen this passage quoted before by others in order to explain what it’s like to grow up autistic and not knowing.  It’s still by far the best explanation of that feeling I’ve ever read.

For Autistics Speaking Day this year, I want to say something unequivocally.  And it’s incredibly rare that I feel qualified to just tell other people what they should do, but—if you are an autism parent—

Please tell your kids that they’re autistic.

Or have autism.  Or Asperger’s Syndrome.  Or are on the spectrum. …

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One thought on “You should tell your kids that they’re autistic.

  1. My son is Autistic, there has never been a need to tell him he is because he is my son and it doesn’t matter to me to put a label on him, and, he has never asked anyway, all his peers are autistic too. Sadly any full-blown explanation of his Autism would not be understood by him, and, autism is what he is so he doesn’t really see himself different to others, more, they are different to him ! Sadly we get stupid comments from people who associate the rain man thing with ALL Autistics, then they go the other way to extreme to poke fun when your child presents nothing like that.

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