Hot Air: Meg Rosoff and the Diversity “Problem”

Around the World in 80 Books

By Heather A.

**The opinions expressed here and other places around the internet are mine and do not reflect those of my employer, family, friends, inanimate objects that may become sentient, or plants.**

Over the weekend, children’s book author Meg Rosoff made a couple comments on a Kickstarter funded self-published book about a gay, black boy, Large Fears by Kendrick Daye and Myles E. Johnson. Her comments:

And when Twitter (rightfully) freaked out, she said this (which she just should have printed as a pamphlet, IMHO):

Meg comes across as a privileged white woman. A child is not going to read a newspaper for fun (and what are they likely to see but police brutality, school shootings, or other tragedies?), and magazines and movies are notoriously white washed. We want to reach marginalized children, not make them ashamed of themselves! A book has many jobs, one of which is encouraging…

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