“Is everything OK?” – Responding to Laughter at Speech Disfluency

Stuttering Story

1960097_10152992908297345_191469683130731795_nOctober 22nd is International Stuttering Awareness Day! So I thought I would do a couple posts during this week…

Yesterday, I had a situation.

It was Monday morning, and I was already not feeling great about the start of the week. The phone rang in our office at work. I answered. “Payroll, this is Jaymie.” She wanted to speak to my coworker who was busy. As I replied to this middle aged woman over the phone, it came out sort of like “She’s in a mmmmmmmmmeeting-“. As soon as the stutter was obvious, the woman on the other side burst out laughing. I don’t mean a chuckle or an awkward laugh. I mean a full-on explosive laughter. Rolling laughter that was not stopping. Hoping it would stop, I kept on “right now. C-c-c-c-can she call you back or do you wwwwant to be transferred to her voicemail?” But the woman laughed the…

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