How the Silver Screen Tarnishes Disability

On the Blink

Some of you probably think I talk about disability too much or that I sound bitter about certain disability issues. Watch the movie trailer for Me Before You. It will show you why I frequently express irritation.

My problems with this trailer:

  1. The disabled guy has nothing to live for until the nondisabled girl comes into his life
  2. The nondisabled girl isn’t living life to the fullest until the disabled guy (who has now presumably lost his chance at a full life) preaches to her
  3. The disabled guy and nondisabled girl turn a professional relationship between caregiver and client into a romance.

I am not saying that people can’t use their experiences to teach others a lesson. I’m not hating on inspiration or romance, and I’m not saying that we can’t learn from others’ losses. But I’m really tired of these types of stories wherein the disabled character…

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