The Assumption of Laziness

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Lately my ears have perked up to the put-down of labeling someone as “lazy.” Often snidely said it’s simplistic, seems dismissive, and doesn’t take into account access concerns for folks with disabilities. While scrolling through social media pages I feel small bursts of flames ignite each time I stumble across this ableist albatross. I must gather my thoughts and extinguish some ignorance of the uninitiated…

On assuming laziness:

If you’ve never had to consider how you’d get from your car onto a sidewalk with no curb cut, into a store/business/residence with step(s) and no hand railings or accessible, flat level, wheelchair-width entry (ideally 36″)

or figure out how you’d hold open a heavy door and time it so you move just before it boots you in the butt and knocks you off balance..

If you’ve never had to conserve your liquid and solid food intake because you weren’t certain of…

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