Autism Acceptance Month: A Call For Stories

Homeschoolers Anonymous

Image courtesy of Shade Ardent, sagebrushMoon Studios

April is Autism Acceptance Month, a time when the autistic community is speaking out about their experiences as autistic people.

Many of us might not have known we were autistic during our homeschooled life. Our parents didn’t believe in the mental health industry. Or perhaps they just felt we were being extra difficult with our sensory needs, or our need to repeat things. Maybe it was because they didn’t know how to seek help for us. Maybe our parents were supportive, but just didn’t know how to handle our differences. Maybe they did know, and chose to homeschool us in the hopes it would be easier for us.

Are you autistic and homeschooled? Did you find out later in your life that you were autistic? What was homeschooling like for you as an autistic child?

We would like to hear your story.


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