Blogging Against Disablism: Sometimes it’s subtle….

The Caffeinated Autistic


[image description: Box that reads “Blogging Against Disablism”.  Box is lined in black with multi-colored tiles with various “person” symbols in a variety of colors.  The person symbol most closely resembles that of the man in the symbol for “men’s restroom”.  The only exception is that the third image down and second to the left is the symbol for a wheelchair or the standard “disabled” placard symbol.]

Today is May 1st, and it’s Blogging Against Disablism day.  For those of you unaware, in the UK, what we know as ableism (or discrimination against a disabled person) is often called disablism.  You can learn a little bit about what this day is about by going here. 

So I’ve started a few posts on this before, but have never really hit publish.  I’ve been thinking about how sometimes it’s not the big horrific gestures of discrimination against disabled people that are the…

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