Mistakes that my Professors made that should Never be repeated

Deaf Life for a Hearing Mind

I attended a mainstream college in what was supposed to be a 2 year program (ended up being 2 and a half years) for Travel and Tourism: Flight Services. And while I am glad that I completed the program it came with A LOT of frustrations…many of which inspired me to create this entire blog platform in the first place. So…what is it exactly that my professors didn’t seem to understand and what are the things that should never be repeated?

First..The “Can’t” Factor: This is what I call it when hearing people like to come up to the Deaf and tell them what they “Can’t” do. And while no one should do that in the first place you should especially not do that if you are a Teacher or Professor of any kind. And yet, that is exactly what I experienced in my first semester. Not just my…

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