To everyone in the disabled community:

Average Cripple

Dear you,

If you’ve seen the news coming out of Japan, you might be hurting. You might be scared, you might be sad, you might even be ashamed for reasons you can’t always put your finger on. I know first hand what this is like. I know sometimes you feel like you don’t have any value, because people look at you with pity and assume that you will never accomplish anything and that your life is an endless suffering.

This isn’t true.

You are beautiful, perfect, exactly who you are meant to be. You are valuable, no matter what anyone tries to tell you. If you are homebound or taking on a new career in the city. If you are paralyzed or running marathons. If you are unable to speak up for yourself or if you’re at rallies telling your story and advocating. You matter.

If you’re in a wheelchair…

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