Ableism, Violence & Sagamihara

Disability Visibility Project

Tweets by Alice Wong @SFdirewolf on 7.27.16

Gonna start this mini-essay on Twitter on the #JapanAttacks in #Sagamihara. I’m roiling in a cauldron of anger, sorrow, fear & fatigue. There is such endemic ableist violence disabled people witness and experience every day, that it seriously makes you question stuff.

If you are non-disabled and unfamiliar with #ableism, what happened in #Sagamihara is a clear-cut example of as you’ll ever get.

FYI, it’s not my job to teach you what ableism is.

A man planned methodically to kill disabled people. He notified others. He imagined a world where disabled people should be euthanized by ‘guardians’.  This worldview is held by many people, more than you know.

I turned on cable TV on 7/26 hoping for live coverage in #Sagamihara as I previously saw for Orlando, Dallas, Nice, and Istanbul. Nope.

It was all about the DNC. Will…

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