Things you should Never Say to a Deaf Person

Deaf Life for a Hearing Mind

Deaf people get told a lot* of dumb things by hearing people. I mean a LOT. Almost every day we are having to deal with hearing people overstepping their boundaries and us having to pull that chain on our anger just a little bit tighter as to not punch someone out (which some days are harder then others.)

A while back a Deaf Youtuber by the name of Rikki Poynter did a video called “Sh*t Hearing People Say.” And while it was a good quick video there’s still quite a bit that I’ve run across since then that I feel like you should…just not say…ever….

So…alas…here is my list of things that should  just never exit your mouth in relation to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people ever. Some of it you may find funny or humorous and others will just leave you shaking your head. Everything in this list…

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