How the Japan massacre relates to infanticide, abortion, and assisted suicide (and why the world’s been silent about it)


n-suspect-b-20160728-870x607 A mourner brings flowers on Wednesday to the care home where disabled residents were massacred a day earlier in Sagamihara, Kangawa Prefecture. | REUTERS

[Description: there is a grey wall with writing on it in Japanese in a lighter grey. Against the wall is a table covered in a white tablecloth. On the table are several bunches of flowers. An individual in front of the table dressed in black, with shortish black hair, and carrying a black shoulder bag holds a bunch of flowers, which one presumes they are about to place on the table]

On the 25th of July this year, 19 people were murdered in Sagamihara, Japan, in their worst mass murder since World War II. In Britain, it’s clear that the murders of white people (Paris, Nice, Belgium, Orlando, Munich…) by Muslim terrorists are more important than the murders of BME people (Kabul, Anbar, Baghdad, Istanbul, Manbij…)…

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