Autistic Trans King

Content/trigger warning: inspiration porn, ableism

In Tallahassee, Florida, an Autistic middle school boy who usually sat alone at lunch was joined by a Florida State University football player so he wouldn’t be lonely.

An Autistic young man who’s a big fan of recently retired Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps writes to him on a Facebook page.  Phelps doesn’t respond, but hundreds of other people do.  He even gets 100 random friend requests from strangers on Facebook.

A little girl has cancer, and below the picture of her is the text, “Type ‘Amen’ to save her”, or something similar.

These are all examples of what is known as inspiration porn.  Australian disability activist Stella Young came up with the term in 2012.  Young, who passed away in 2014, used a wheelchair and couldn’t find a term to define how she felt people were describing her.  Inspiration porn is basically a “feel…

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