My Very Recent Experience with a Hate Crime for being Deaf

Deaf Life for a Hearing Mind

Growing up mainstream and moving around like I did I had–like many Deaf and Hard of Hearing people– a lot of issues with hearing peers bullying, mocking, making fun of and abusing me for my Deafness. And like many Deaf and Hard of Hearing people I was denied the right to my own language and equal access in both the school and work force. And while those were all injustices and should not be continued to this day it is nothing like the feeling of a blatant hate crime being committed towards you for no other reason then you being unable to hear.

Yesterday afternoon I was walking through town with my manager of my one job doing our regular Wednesday outing of going to meet up with some friends of ours have just taking a break and having a talk. My manager took a moment to go into a…

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