Review: Connection Error by Annabeth Albert

I don’t normally read romance as a genre (I’m really much more into fantasy and sci fi). But! Same sex romance? With a character with ADHD!!! And the other man in the couple is ALSO a guy with disabilities! I’ll at least put it on my list. I am realizing I really need more ADHD rep in the fiction I read because I haven’t had nearly enough.

Sense and Disability

Connection Error has great characters, great story, and pretty great disability rep.  Both main characters are disabled, which seems pretty rare in romances (though I know quite a few real-life couples who are both disabled.)  Josiah is a video game programmer who has ADHD.  Ryan is a Navy SEAL who’s in rehab after losing both legs in Afghanistan.

Josiah starts off the book confident in his programming abilities, but not in much else.  He knows that other people see him as flaky, and he often calls himself an “idiot” or “spaz.”  He has a masters degree (which he says he got “by accident”) at 23, but still depends on his mother to help him with a lot of daily living.  I appreciated that his ADHD was treated seriously as a disability — he has a medication schedule, and he sticks to a strict diet, and we see him acknowledging his…

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