Nope – Don’t Need or Want Special Spaces – I Want Inclusive Spaces.

By G Peters


Last week I wrote a letter. I posted it here.

I thought the letter was fairly straight forward. I am typically direct. I try hard to keep the sarcasm to a minimum. (If you doubt how hard I work at that, you should read the drafts I delete.) I try to examine the logic of a situation without robbing it of its humanity. I strive to give all involved the benefit of the doubt and assume intelligence and integrity unless and until proven otherwise.

I knew not everyone would agree with my letter or share my absolute stance on accessibility. Life informs me of this every day.

I also knew I was not privy to the back-story.

There is always a back-story. I am not naive.

Still, I felt I knew and cared enough about a principle I believe should be, but often isn’t, considered let alone adhered to when…

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