I am passionate about social justice, so I will probably write about that a lot at Rambling Justice.  Hence, the “justice” part of this blog’s name.  But I will also write about other random topics as they strike my fancy.  Some posts might be personal but other posts might be more cerebral and analytical, and some posts might be a mix of both.  I am particularly passionate about disability rights, particularly in developing countries but also at home in the United States and in the rest of the world.  I also am passionate about GLBTIQA rights and women’s rights.  I am striving to learn to be a stronger ally on issues related to racial equality, indigenous rights, class justice, and anyone else experiencing marginalization or exclusion.  I also try to pay attention to issues impacting people who live within the intersections of multiple layers of marginalization.  Any and all of the above could be topics of discussion at this blog at one time or another.

Yes, I ramble a lot.  And there are times when I try to keep this under control.  Yes, I’m aware that when I ramble too much, I lose readers because not everyone has the time, energy, spoons, whatever, to wade their way through a sea of meandering words.  But it is also my innate writing style.  My brain is hard wired this way.  (Welcome to life with strong verbal skills combined with attention deficit disorder and its associated weak executive functioning.)  If I spend too much time and energy keeping my rambling tendencies too tightly under control each and every time I try to post something then there will be many posts that simply never get written at all.  Sure, I’ll try not to go overboard too much at this blog (and elsewhere!).  But the reality is, at least some of the time–really, probably most of the time–I’m going to ramble here.  Hence, the “Rambling” part of this blog’s name.

I will post sporadically, as and when the muse strikes me and I have time to write.  If you want to ensure you don’t miss any of my posts, I would encourage you to subscribe to its RSS feed or sign up for email alerts.

Feedback and comments are welcome.  I’m not very tech savvy, but if there’s something I can do to make this blog more accessible to you as a reader with disabilities, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi my name is Alice Shettles (I go by family nickname Abbie).I apologize for writing here but did not know an alternative to write this.My Dad was Landrum Shettles and he had told me we are from Wesh decent ;that family came to the United States in 1500’s.He always was very clear to identify this.Shettles is such a small number of famiy here.I wonder if we are related and would love to speak with you.I am on fb Look forward to hearing from you .Sincerely,Abbie

  2. Hey Abbie,

    I am a journalist, I just saw your tweet about the Medical Baseline Program, and was wondering if I could get in contact with you to talk about it? Or, if you know anyone who hasn’t been receiving the proper support?

    I saw on the application process that you have to snail mail your application in. That doesn’t seem like enough time to give people in desperate situations before a power outage the chance to get Medical Baseline Support.

  3. Hi, I think you may have confused me with someone else in the same Twitter thread? I am not Abbie, I am Andrea. Also, I do not myself use the Medical Baseline Program, and only learned what it was when Alice Wong tweeted about it, prompting me to google what it is. Once I realized what the program is, I saw an obvious angle for a journalist to pursue and tweeted about that (mentioning that I had to google what it is myself). I don’t even live in California, I’m just a concerned citizen (and disability rights advocate).

    I suggest you communicate with Alice Wong, try DM’ing her at @SFdirewolf @DisVisVisibility or reach out to her via the Disability Visibility Project that she coordinates– The blog is at https://disabilityvisibilityproject.com, and the DVP podcast has a Facebook page facebook.com/DisabilityVisibilityPodcast She does often talk to the press and also writes her own content for media. She also has a tremendous network of contacts and might be able to help connect you with others.

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