Blog Sites About Diverse Representation in Media

Perhaps you’re a writer who wants to introduce more diverse characters to your books, plays, TV and film scripts.  Or perhaps you’re someone who really wishes more computer games, movies, comics, TV, books, dolls, and other popular media had more people “like you” in them.  You might want a blog that can help you find more diverse media that you can read, or watch, or play with.  Or you might want a blog that can help you learn how to create more diverse characters –without accidentally stereotyping them.  Some of the following blogs might be helpful. For now, these are in no particular order (though I might organize them later).

Wondering why I’ve been maintaining this listing of blog sites about diverse representation in the media? This is why I know diverse representation matters so very much.

This is a blog dedicated to reading and reviewing books containing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual characters. It accepts recommendations for books and encourages discussions on the topics represented in the books.

Solarpunk & Afrofuturism 
Solarpunk is science fiction, but conceptualizing a more utopian and eco-friendly future. Afrofuturism consists of sci fi, fantasy, historical fiction, Afrocentrism, and magical realism that examines the present-day realities of people of color as well as their history.

Geeks of Color
Highlights diversity in the geek community; informs, entertains, and interacts in support of diverse comics, writers, characters and more.

Asian YA
Promotes young adult books with Asian characters, books written by Asian authors, and books that are both. Highlights upcoming releases as well as backlist books. Strives to help Asian readers who want to find themselves represented in books, as well as shining a spotlight on the rich breadth of cultures that exist in Asia.

Writing Beyond the Rainbow
Answers questions about writing diversity, with an emphasis on writers who are writing marginalized orientations, gender identity, and intersex (MOGAI) characters. Note that they have both an “official” blog site, and their associated Tumblr site.

Writing with Diversity
A group of diverse teenagers moderate this blog, which answers questions for people who want to include more diverse representation in their writing.


Black SciFi Matters 
Content related to black people in science fiction.

Master Post: Diversity Articles and Resources for Writers
Okay, this link is a semi-cheat because it’s not meant to lead you to a single blog about diversity, rather it is a listing of articles and other resources for writers who want to diversify their characters. But if you’re a writer, then it could be a good starting point. Then you can still come back here to find blog sites that will lead you to yet more resources.

Black Children’s Books and Authors
I couldn’t find the “about” page for this blog, but judging from the quick glance I took through the archives the title seems quite aptly descriptive. But not just fiction, biographies and such too.

Her Story Arc
Dedicated to finding and praising progressive stories of women and girls in the media. Feminists of all kinds–LGBTQ, POC, environmentalists, differently abled, from any economic/religious background–are welcome here.

Why I Need Diverse Games
 blog about needing diverse games.

Fangs for the Fantasy
Analyzes urban fantasy in books, TV, and films from a social justice perspective, including representation of people of color, LGBTIQA people, and disabled people.

Writing Diverse Stories
Writing advice and resources to help you write stories and characters that are as diverse as the world we live in.

American Indians in Children’s Literature
Provides critical perspectives and analysis of indigenous peoples in children’s and young adult books, the school curriculum, popular culture, and society. Note the same author, Debbie Reese, has both a Blogspot and a Tumblr. Debbie Reese is a Pueblo Indian woman.

Equality in Games
A Tumblr site that promotes equality and diverse representation in games.

Writing in the Margins
This web TV channel has short videos about diversity and representation of minorities in media. All videos have closed captions.

We Need Diverse Books
This one is not just a web site or a blog site. It’s an organized campaign involving writers, editors, book sellers, readers, and other stakeholders across the U.S. and around the world. Check their Tumblr site for news, updates, lists of diverse books, etc. Check their main site for information on what people are doing to encourage more writers to write diverse books, more publishers to publish diverse books, and readers to buy and read them.

Writing for Diversity
A collection of resources to help writers include well-rounded disabled, LGBT+, and PoC characters in their writing. General writing tips and ideas too.

Never a Single Story
About all kinds of diversity in all kinds of media. You name it, they probably try to be inclusive.  People of color, people with disabilities, people who are LGBTIQA, women, people living in poverty, etc. in computer games, books, TV, movies, dolls, everything.

Character Like Me
About all kinds of diversity in all kinds of media. You name it, they probably try to be inclusive.  People of color, people with disabilities, people who are LGBTIQA, women, people living in poverty, etc. in computer games, books, TV, movies, dolls, everything.

Writing Diversity
Writing Diversity is a supportive community for all writers of all levels who want to write diverse stories. “Diverse stories” means stories featuring significant characters who identify as LGBTQ+, are people of color, have disabilities, or are part of any other oppressed and/or underrepresented group. Want to be involved? Tag relevant Tumblr posts with #writingdiversity!

Diversity in YA
About all kinds of diversity in young adult literature.

Disability in Kid Lit
In Twitter: @DisabilityinKidLit
In GoodReads:
bout young adult and “middle grades” books featuring characters with disabilities.  (“Young adults” means about ages 12 to 18, “middle grades” means ages 8 to 12). Book reviews and articles at the WordPress blog, book lists and reblogs from other people at the Tumblr blog, links at stuff in their Twitter feed, and long lists of young adult/middle grade books with disabled characters at their page of the GoodReads site.

This one is a Facebook group, for people who want to exchange information or chat about books, TV, plays, films etc. featuring characters with disabilities.

Writing With Color
For writers, on how to write characters of color. Everything from how to describe skin color to tropes to avoid.

Lee and Low Books
Lee and Low Books is a children’s book publisher that specializes in diversity. Publishes picture books, “middle grade” books, and young adult titles.

Tu Books
An imprint of Lee and Low books that publishes middle grade and young adult science fiction, fantasy, and mystery with diverse main characters and inspired by non-Western worlds.

Diversity Cross-Check
Looking for beta readers, or people from diverse backgrounds who can answer questions? Try Diversity Cross-Check, a blog where people with all kinds of diverse backgrounds have identified themselves as willing to answer questions from writers.

Disabled Fantasy
Where disabled people can submit head canons of fantasy stories they wish they could enjoy featuring disabled characters. 

Mermaids of Color
Pictures, comics, etc. featuring merpeople of color.

But Diversity is Unrealistic
Examples of supposedly “unrealistic” diversity that exist in real life.

Rich in Color
Reading, reviewing, talking about, and otherwise promoting YA fiction starring people of color or written by people of color.

Racialicious is a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture. Updates on the latest celebrity gaffes, and no-holds-barred critique of questionable media representations.

An international grassroots organization of media consumers advocating for underrepresented groups in entertainment media and furthering equal opportunities in Hollywood and beyond.

People of Color in European Art History
Showcase works of art from European history that feature People of Color.

Secret Stories Project
This blog collects stories, pictures and information about LGBTQ+ people, women and people of colour throughout (mostly) Western history.

Reviews of books in particular, but also TV, films, video games etc. featuring diverse characters including people of color, GLBTIQA people, etc. One of the tags is for mental illness, but (as of February 18, 2015) no tags for any other members of the larger disability community.

Bisexual Books
Views and reviews on books from multiple genres and for all ages from the bisexual perspective.Be warned this site contains spoilers.

Invisible Bi Characters
About characters from all sorts of media who are commonly read as gay/straight but who (blogger) has decided are actually bi/pan/queer. Also, bi/pan/queer characters who are often forgotten and ignored by the audience.

Fandoms and Feminism
As the title says, a bit of both. The FAQ also mentions LGBTQ people and people of color (PoC), but makes no mention of disability or class issues.

Fuck Yeah, Lesbian Literature (and more)!
As the title says.

Queer Book Club
Queer literary news, LGBTQ book lists, etc.

Queer Media Representation
A blog created to bring together canon LGBTQIA+ characters from TV shows, movies, comic books, novels, video games and more.

A blog of free books, videos, audio posts and links to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, pansexual, intersex and asexual resources.

The Gay YA
Twitter: @TheGayYA
The Gay YA Facebook page
Discussion and blogsite and fansite for LGBTQIA+ characters in Young Adult novels.

Wild Unicorn Herd
On creators of color and characters of color in science fiction. See their list of women of color sci fi writers.

Harmony in Ink Press
Harmony Ink Press, an imprint of Dreamspinner Press, is a publisher of positive LGBTQ+ Young Adult fiction.

Riptide Publishing is a boutique publisher of LGBTQ fiction, romance, and erotica available today.

Dose of Diverse Literature
Your (not necessarily daily) dose of easily accessible – i.e, free and online – diverse literature (poetry and prose).

All Our Worlds: Diverse Fantastic Fiction
Database of science fiction and fantasy books that demonstrate diversity in sexuality/gender, race, disability, and other aspects.

Twitter:  @LGBT-YA
Reviews of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender young adult novels.

Bi Magazine
Bi Magazine is a global on-line magazine that advocates increased understanding and visibility for bisexuality by providing an outlet for bi-themed art and culture and promoting art, music and literature.

Qomic Book
A blog about Queer representation and visibility in mainstream comic books

Queer Comics Blog
Twitter: @QueerComics
Queer Comics is a community for queer/lgbt creators, fans, and characters in comics.

Queer Superheroes
About LGBT super heroes in the DC and Marvel universes.

Diverse Comics
About diverse comics

Fuck Yeah Latinx Representation
This blog was launched in April 2014 to spotlight Latina/Latino representation in US media. It intends to focus on TV characters and actors for now, but envisions perhaps some day showcasing Latinx representation in film, literature, and other narrative art.

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