Writing Diversity: Blogs for Writers

This page lists blogs targeted at writers and producers who are trying to diversify representation in their own works. These blogs may help you research, connect with other writers, or help promote diverse representation in the media. You can find many more blogs useful for writers and producers if you check out blogs organized by type of diversity, or explore all the same links but organized by type of media.

Ever felt weird, isolated, or misunderstood because you care so very much about finding characters like you? Check out Blog Posts About Why Representation Matters and you’ll feel less alone.

Writing With Color
For writers, on how to write characters of color. Everything from how to describe skin color to tropes to avoid.

We Need Diverse Books
This one is not just a web site or a blog site. It’s an organized campaign involving writers, editors, book sellers, readers, and other stakeholders across the U.S. and around the world. Check their Tumblr site for news, updates, lists of diverse books, etc. Check their main site for information on what people are doing to encourage more writers to write diverse books, more publishers to publish diverse books, and readers to buy and read them.

Master Post: Diversity Articles and Resources for Writers
Okay, this link is a semi-cheat because it doesn’t lead you to a single blog about diversity–rather, it is a listing of articles and other resources for writers who want to diversify their characters. But if you’re a writer, then it could be a good starting point. Then you can still come back here to find blog sites that will lead you to yet more resources.

Writing Diversity
Writing Diversity is a supportive community for all writers of all levels who want to write diverse stories. “Diverse stories” means stories featuring significant characters who identify as LGBTQ+, are people of color, have disabilities, or are part of any other oppressed and/or underrepresented group. Want to be involved? Tag relevant Tumblr posts with #writingdiversity!

Writing Diverse Stories
Writing advice and resources to help you write stories and characters that are as diverse as the world we live in.

Writing for Diversity
A collection of resources to help writers include well-rounded disabled, LGBT+, and PoC characters in their writing. General writing tips and ideas too.

Diversity Cross-Check
Looking for beta readers, or people from diverse backgrounds who can answer questions? Try Diversity Cross-Check, a blog where people with all kinds of diverse backgrounds have identified themselves as willing to answer questions from writers.

Writing Beyond the Rainbow
Answers questions about writing diversity, with an emphasis on writers who are writing marginalized orientations, gender identity, and intersex (MOGAI) characters. Note that they have both an “official” blog site, and their associated Tumblr site.

Writing with Diversity
A group of diverse teenagers moderate this blog, which answers questions for people who want to include more diverse representation in their writing.

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