Sick of checking out a YouTube video only to find that it uses the computer generated CRAPtions and not properly human-edited captions? Wish more YouTubers would properly human-edit their captions, or get someone else to do it for them, and not just trust that the automated YouTube CRaptions will turn out alright? Then join the #NoMoreCRaptions campaign being launched this September 25th by YouTuber and blogger Rikki Poynter. Read her guidance below on how you can help.

If you don’t do YouTube, then Rikki has said that she also will welcome people writing blog posts or Tumblr. If you don’t do that either, then consider using your other social media to bring the attention of your friends and your favorite YouTubers to this event.

If you are personally a YouTuber who isn’t sure how to caption your videos (or get it done by others), check out this resource: http://captionedwebtv.blogspot.com/p/producer-information.html


Finding Captioned Online Videos: Captioned Web TV: http://captionedwebtv.blogspot.com/

The Captioned Web TV blog site is meant to help people find online (web) television programs that have captions.  Captions can be crucial in enabling many people to understand videos, particularly people who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have audio processing disorder.  Without captions, many of us may be completely unable to understand what is said in a video.

The quality of the web TV programs highlighted at the Captioned Web TV blog can vary because some are made by amateurs.  But some web videos are created by emerging professionals, so some are quite good!  If you’re interested in a particular genre or in a particular theme, you can search the blog by category. Just scroll down the page a bit and look in the right hand side bar for a listing of “labels”.

It can be very hard to find the few online videos that have captions. Please help make it easier for people who want captioned videos to find them!

  • Reblog this!  You might have more followers than you think who could benefit from captions.  Make sure they know about the Captioned Web TV blog.
  • If you make on-line videos, please consider captioning them!  There are a number of different software programs you can use, some of which are free.  You can search via google to find instructions.

No, I’m not involved with the Captioned Web TV blog.  I’m just a deaf person happy to have discovered how to find more fun on-line videos that I can actually understand.