Join the July 29th Rally for the Disability Treaty in Washington DC!

Text inside circle says "We Support CRPD", text around circle says also on rim of circle are icons for sign interpreter, wheelchair, audio loop, and blind person with caneWe are experiencing, right now, a make or break moment for ratifying the Disability Treaty.  On one hand, we are now closer to ratifying the Disability Treaty than we have been since 2012! But on the other we could still miss it—unless we have YOUR help in taking action!  We urgently need your involvement to give this treaty one big final push.

You may know that the Disability Treaty is a crucial international agreement protecting the human rights of 1 billion people with disabilities around the world: 147 countries have ratified it, but the U.S. has not. Not familiar with it?  Read a handout on the CRPD at, click here for more resources on the CRPD, or read the text of the Disability Treaty itself.  Learn why more than 800 disability, veterans, faith, business, and human rights organizations support it.

Please join the July 29 rally for the “Disability Treaty” (called the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, CRPD) in Washington DC!  RSVP for the march and invite your friends via

The rally will gather at 12:15 pm on Tuesday, July 29 on 3rd Street NW between Pennsylvania Avenue NW and Maryland Avenue SW.CRPD graphic 0614  Please arrive PROMPTLY.

We also need YOU to CALL SENATORS and tell them to ratify the CRPD! And ask your friends all over USA to do the same! Find phone numbers and talking points at the Action Center at!  Finished calling your own Senators?  Ready for more phone calls? Consider calling some of our targeted Senators!