No, Automatic CRAPtions are Not Captions!

CRAPtions = auto-generated captions that some hearing YouTubers use as an excuse for not providing actual, human-edited captioning.

In this video, Rikki Poynter explains why the aut0-generated craptions are, in most cases, pretty much useless for deaf people who want to watch videos, and provides examples of really bad craptions. (The first 44 seconds, and the last 50 or 60 seconds are about a VidCon she was preparing for at the time she produced this video. But the rest of the content in between is focused on “craptions”.)

Consider joining the #NoMoreCRaptions campaign being launched this September 25th by YouTuber and blogger Rikki Poynter. Read her guidance below on how you can help.

If you don’t do YouTube, then Rikki has said that she also will welcome people writing blog posts or Tumblr. If you don’t do that either, then consider using your other social media to bring the attention of your friends and your favorite YouTubers to this event.

If you are personally a YouTuber who isn’t sure how to caption your videos (or get it done by others), check out this resource: