Alert: The Senate Returns Today and Needs to Hear from You on the Disability Treaty (CRPD) NOW!

Image of a black hourglass overlaid on black image of the Capitol building.  Text in the image says: Time is running out: Now is the time for the Senate to act! Ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD): #CRPD

Time is running out: Now is the time for the Senate to act! Ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD): #CRPD


The Senate Needs to Hear from you NOW!  Ask them to ratify the “Disability Treaty” (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, CRPD). This is an important international civil rights treaty for 1 billion people with disabilities around the world.

Today (Sept 8, 2014), the Senate returns for a two week work session. They need to continue to hear from YOU!

Getting the CRPD passed is, in part, a game of numbers: the side that can generate the most calls to Senators has a better chance of winning.  And the opposition has been generating many calls, so we need to match their pace.

CALL your Senators often and spread the word!  See our social media guide below!

Visit to take action!

Friends who are new to the “Disability Treaty” (CRPD) can review these two handouts: and  Catch up on events in the campaign for U.S. ratification of the CRPD at  Read the full text of the CRPD here.


CRPD advocates pose with printed signs saying “Vote YES! CRPD”.

You can also take action on social media! 

  • Make a sign – it can be a simple piece of paper.  Write down that you support CRPD and (if applicable) why.  If you have a personal story, use it! (Example: I support CRPD because I want my sister with a disability to be able to travel abroad!)
  • Take a picture of yourself holding up the sign.
  •  Tweet or Facebook the picture (along with one of the sample tweets below) using the hashtag #CRPD.  You can also tweet at your Senator.   You can find Senator Twitter IDs at:
  • Get your friends to do the same!

Sample Twitter Pictures:



 Sample Tweets:

Ready to do more?

Attention Disability Rights Treaty Supporters: Two National Teleconference Calls Tomorrow, January 28th!

ear disability rights advocates:

This announcement is a friendly reminder that tomorrow, Tuesday, January 28th, is an important day for people across the country who want the U.S. to ratify the “Disability Treaty”—Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)!  Tomorrow, two separate national teleconference phone calls for CRPD supporters are being offered.  I encourage you to attend both if you are able.  These calls will complement and build upon each other and both may be helpful to you as you consider ways to mobilize YOUR school / campus community in support of CRPD ratification.

  1. The first call is for ALL people in the U.S. who want the U.S. Senate to ratify the Disability Treaty (CRPD)!  This call will be a rallying call to discuss a wider national strategy for calling Senators back to the negotiation table so we can move forward toward ratification.  There will be hundreds from around the country on the call.  Speakers will include national leaders in the CRPD ratification movement. This call is at 1 pm EST (Noon Central Time, 10am Pacific Time).  Click here to RSVP for the general CRPD call.  People who RSVP for this call will receive instructions for dialing into the call and/or connecting to the online CART service (live transcription of the call).
  2. The second call is targeted for YOU, university students and other university personnel who want to help mobilize their campus community in support of the Disability Treaty (CRPD).  This will have a smaller group of participants with more opportunity to exchange concrete ideas for taking action at your campus. Much of the information from the earlier call may not be repeated. The student/campus leader call is at 4 pm EST (3 pm Central Time, 1pm Pacific Time).  This call will be facilitated by Rhonda Neuhaus from the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF).  She will be joined by Andrea Shettle at the U.S. International Council on Disabilities.  Please contact Andrea Shettle at to join this call.  If this email was forwarded to you by someone else, then please also contact to be put on our mailing list to be notified of future calls for student and other campus leaders who support the Disability Treaty.

Other quick announcements:

  • Please sign and disseminate the youth and student CRPD petition at!  Show U.S. Senators that youth under age 30, and students of all ages, want the U.S. to ratify the Disability Treaty!
  • Learn more about the disability treaty, why more than 800 U.S. disability, veterans, human rights, and other organizations want the U.S. to ratify it, and how it will help 1 billion people with disabilities around the world at
  • Are you a student or recent graduate with disabilities who aspires to a career in the international development or international affairs field?  A U.S. citizen?  Please consider applying to join the Youth International Development and Affairs (YIDA) internship program.  The YIDA program will bring a small group of talented interns to Washington DC during the summer of 2014 to complete internships at various international organizations in the DC area.  The application deadline is this Wednesday, January 29th!  Learn more about the program and how to apply at