Info & Resources for #StrawBan #SuckItAbleism Advocates

If you’re here, either you’re trying to understand why people with disabilities need easy access to single-use, bendy, plastic drinking straws — OR, you already know and need easy access to links, resources, and ammunition.

This is NOT a comprehensive round-up of media links or resources. It never will be because there’s too many. I’ll be adding a few at a time, sporadically, as and when I’m able. Come back from time to time to see the additions.

But first, let me extend tremendous gratitude to Kirsten Schultz, who gathered MANY of these links in one place in Facebook. I have cribbed extensively from her work, so she deserves most of the credit.


So why don’t those alternate straw solutions work for disabled people, like compostable paper straws, or metal, glass, silicon, pasta, etc.? Click here to find three handy infographics that summarize this complicated issue into a few bullets and charts. (Image descriptions are available at the link. And if you keep scrolling down past the last infographic and description, you’ll find a few answers to some of the more common questions and reactions to the infographics.)

Yes, Cities Really Are Banning Straws

Just a few examples of cities and companies that have either done it or are still debating it.

Why Straw Bans Harm Disabled People

Yes, disabled people care about the environment too. And disabled people are already doing what we can to save the environment. But some disabled folks confront more barriers in trying to engage in eco-friendly behavior. Want to fix the problem? Start listening to disabled people to understand the actual barriers.

Hint: Listening for five minutes then saying, “But why can’t you just–” isn’t really listening. All this is more complicated than most non-disabled people seem to realize. All this is more complicated than even *I* realized, and I already knew why straws are an important accessibility need for some disabled people. There is so much nuance and complexity I had not grasped until I started reading DOZENS of stories from people with disabilities. If you’ve only been reading for an hour or three? Then, honey, you haven’t even started.

People Impacted by Straw Bans

Why Straw Bans are a Misguided Way of Helping the Environment


For people who want to use satire to make their point, @dfergusson wrote this brilliant Twitter thread using a fictional future ban on tampons to satire some of the political conflicts we have seen around the real world straw bans. It invites the reader to consider how straw bans take energy away from more productive means of fighting environmentalism while causing a lot of unintended harm to marginalized communities.

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