Ableism Explained: Using other Damaging Minority Stereotypes

Crutches & Spice

With the recent theatrical release of Ableist propaganda film, Me Before You, disabled activists have raised their voices in anger over the portrayal of disability and the suicide of the main character. This have left many able-bodied people asking: what’s the big deal? Their desire to see a film that makes them feel good about themselves far outweighs the voices of those speaking in protest of the film. On my own newsfeed I see people who would ordinarily call out Hollywood’s detrimental portrayal of their own minority endorsing the film. So that’s exactly what I’m going to use, stereotypes that already piss them off, to explain ableism.
The Sexless (male) Asian Sidekick

Around the World in 80 Days | Walt Disney Studios

You know that sex swing you accidentally became ensnared in walking into that locked room your parents never wanted to talk about? Well, that wasn’t originally designed for…

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